My favourite picture of Robin Williams

The beautiful memory of the most wonderful, one and only Robin Williams.

I can only hope that his soul has finally been able to find rest from the torture it was struggling with and so desperately needed to escape.

Robin Williams is such a perfect example of how society is all messed up and completely unequipped to deal with mental health and simply in denial if anything at all.

A man of such success, fame, support and love unable to win his battle against depression and addiction…where does that leave the rest of us battling depression and addiction?

This is my favourite picture ever of Robin Williams – funny, entertaining, self-deprecating, weird, hyperactive, slightly deranged, clever, tender, warm, wonderful, lonely, isolated, misunderstood, tired. I love it so much I can’t really explain it. It sums everything up so perfectly.

From an interview with The Guardian in 2010: “I ask if he feels happier now, and he says softly, “I think so. And not afraid to be unhappy. That’s OK too. And then you can be like, all is good. And that is the thing, that is the gift.”

Love. Love. Love.

robin williams cheerleading