Movie: “Adore” with Robin Wright

I have always liked Robin Wright but never actively looked out for her movies – this has all changed since House of Cards. I absolutely LOVE her in HoC and this made me go looking for her other work. I came across a movie I’d never heard of before called “Adore” – with Robin Wright and Naomi Watts as the two main lead characters – I’m not a huge fan of Naomi but she does have a great picker for a good movie (think 21 Grams and Eastern Promises for example), so I thought I’d give this unknown movie a chance.

Set in Australia the movie guarantees 112 minutes of gorgeous Aussie accents + being a French production you know there’s some taboo sexuality guaranteed to be touched on – et voila you have an interesting movie.

Robin Wright + Naomi Watts + 2 hot Australian surfer boys + Aussie accents + sexual taboo = a pretty decent 112 mins of drama.

The story? Watch the trailer and it pretty much gives away the entire movie.

adore movie poster robin wright naomi watts