Review: KeraFiber Shampoo & Conditioner

About a week ago I’d introduced the KeraFiber shampoo & conditioner that I had been introduced to by a friend and was going to be testing out.

Since then I’ve been able to trial them both and am quite positively impressed with them! Both the KeraFiber Shampoo and the KeraFiber Conditioner contain Keratin and are also completely free of sulphates and parabens (brownie points all around there!).

keratin hair conditioner thickening kerafiber keratin hair shampoo thickening kerafiber

For any newbies trying out the sulphate and paraben-free options in hair care be prepared for less “foaminess” – the nice foam that you get from normal shampoos is due to these chemicals that are bad for your hair, so it’s actually a very good thing that it is not foamy!

Positive: 7 Positives: good texture, pleasant smell, pleasant and easy to apply – good result after wash – 100% natural – contains Keratin – FREE of harmful chemicals!

Negative: 1 Negative: packaging, my only “issue” with it would be the design of the shampoo & conditioner bottles, they’re in dull colours and don’t really stand out as the premium luxury products that they are, I imagine that if you see them in a shop aisle next to other brands you’d always pick the other brands because of the packaging of this one not being attractive?

Both of the shampoo & conditioner have a really nice pleasant smell as well – fresh and floral but very light and not strong at all (I personally hate it if products smell too strong), so it doesn’t clash with any other products you might be using. They are also not too heavy, they don’t leave your hair feeling weighed down or heavy – hair feels fresh, soft and smells good – and has been given a healthy dose of Keratin and no chemicals whatsoever – what’s not to like?

Verdict: ignore the bland (almost manly/ masculine) bottle design and give the product a chance, they might very much be exactly what your hair needs – a nice health boost with zero damage!

What Maisie Knew (2012)

About a week ago I watched a movie that really really got under my skin. The only reason I watched it was because it kept showing up on my Netflix recommendations over and over and I thought if I just watched it then it would stop showing up.

WOW. Ultimate cry-my-eyes-out-bawl-fest that turned out to be.

There was just SO MUCH in this movie that just reminded me of different parts of my own life and my childhood I was completely emotionally blown away – I spent at least a solid hour bawling my eyes out without really knowing exactly why. Being schlepped around to parents’ work, having complete strangers watch over me, my parents constantly forgetting to pick me up from school, making my own food at age 6, parents fighting, parents going away far for long periods of time, being used as a pawn between parents…the list goes on. BOOM. POW. BAWL.

Coming Soon: Kerafiber Shampoo + Conditioner

Though I do often post reviews and posts on beauty products, make up inspiration and supplements – I have noticed that I haven’t really posted much about shampoos – apart from this post on Yes To Carrots waaaay back!

Since using YtC I have been trying a few new shampoos as well – mostly anything that promises to contain Argan Oil most of the time. I did use the famous Moroccan Oil shampoo and conditioner for a while – but it is just SO expensive I felt like I was getting ripped off…I almost felt resentful every time I used it, which can’t possibly be a good thing?!

Through a friend of mine I stumbled across KeraFiber recently – I had never heard of this brand before and my first thought was “uhm thanks but I’d like to think I’m not going bald, so why would I need this?!” **touching & knocking on all the wood I can find**, but a further look at the fine print caught my attention: free of Silicone Oil, Sulphates, Parabens, Mineral Oil, Ethylene oxide, and Phosphate!!!

kerafiber hair thickening conditioner kerafiber hair thickening shampoo

Now THIS is definitely worth trying – I always avoid sulphates and parabens in shampoo, these strip your hair of natural oils and in your hair has been either chemically straightened (my hair has YUKO permanent hair straightening for example) OR if your hair has been dyed any colour – sulphates and parabens strip the treatment out of your hair. AND – this shampoo apparently also actually contains keratin – the actual protein that human hair is built of, so it helps boost the growth of your hair by supplying the “materials” needed.

So stay tuned – coming very soon: my very own review on Kerafiber’s versions of Hair Thickening Shampoo & Hair Thickening Conditioner (and I also got some of their Argan Oil + Keratin Hair Serum as well – I mean it has “argan oil” in its name, do I need say anymore?!).