My favourite statement rings…

Statement rings are one of absolute favourite pieces of jewellery. I like all kinds of statement jewellery to be fair – like my gorgeous statement earrings from the Indian designer Eina Ahluwalia (there’s such a great story and symbolism behind these earrings as well!) and I’m madly in love with the custom statement necklace that the wonderful designer of Jolita Jewellery made especially for me!

statement gold earrings by eina ahluwalia indian jewellery designer

Anyway, coming to my own selection of statement rings – my favourites are probably my double ring by Low Luv by Erin Wasson…and my gorgeous YSL Arty Ring…and a gorgeous studded ring by the Israeli designer Michal Negrin. But fear not – I can ensure you I have my eyes on a few more – like maybe… the gold double ring knuckleduster with horses by UK designer SMITH/GREY:

gold double ring with horses by smith grey

gold double ring smith grey knuckleduster ring with horses

And in the generic mood for love for some YSL Arty Rings, here is a little selection of gorgeous arty rings I found via Pinterest – just to keep us inspired:

ysl arty ring statement rings

ysl arty ring light blue

ysl arty ring black and leopard